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2. oz in Amber Glass Bottle


Organic Bug Repellent- Amazing Natural Scent


Our Organic Bug Repellent helps repel mosquitos, flies, ants, bees, wasp, and most summer bugs. Our Blend of essential oils naturally repels insects. We use no alcohol or Deets in our recipe. We only use the best organic Sunflower Oil as a base due, to it’s natural concentration of Vitamin E.  This is a bug repellent but it will also naturally moisturize and soothe skin. An added benefit to our formula is that it will also help soothe any bug bites before application.


No parabens, artificial scents or preservatives. Naturally biodegradable and comes in a reusable glass bottle.

Organic Bug Repellent

  • Apply repellents only to exposed skin. Do not use under clothing. Do not apply near eyes and mouth, and apply sparingly around ears. When using sprays, do not spray directly into face; spray on hands first and then apply to face.

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