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3. oz

Soap Bar Dimensions- 3.1 inch x 2.1 Inch x 1. Inch


Our Coriander and Clove Soap is infused with natural Clove Oil. This herbal soap is a great exfoliator. Great for legs and feet. Helps maintain moisturized skin. Bar has natural botanical exfoliators like coriander seeds and ground clove. Coriander and Clove essential oils help sooth and calm skin. Coriander has natural antifungal, anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties. Great for managing odor and maintaining natural healthy skin.


Our Coriander and Clove Soap gives your skin a healthy boost. The seeds in bar massage and promote blood circulation in area that is exfoliated.  Clove oil is known to be anti-aging and is incorporated in many cosmetics. Clove is known to shrink pores naturally and promote youthful radiant skin.

Coriander + Clove Deep Exfoliation Bar

  • Apply to wet skin in circular motions. Focus on feet, dry, or flaky areas on body.  Rinse and pat dry.

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