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This is our new sugar body scrub.  Enjoy the wonderful scent of roasted coffee with soft notes of cinnamon and vanilla. All our scrubs are made in small batches to make sure we can give you the best ingredients and quality craftmanship.


These seasons we were gifted a fresh batch of imported fresh coffee beans. We dried, roasted, infused and crafted this amazing coffee scrub. Coffee has excellent benefits due, to its natural caffeine content.


Our scrubs are infused with nourishing oils, botanical exfoliators, and of course, wonderful caffeine, to help tighten skin and pores. Also, may help manage cellulite and rough skin texture.


Supply is limited.

Expresso Cafè Body Scrub

  • Our luxurious sugar scrub helps exfoliate skin and moisturizes at the same time. Our sugar scrub helps remove dead skin cells, dirt, oils, and product build up on the skin. Scrub can also help to manage dry skin. Safe to use daily on face, hands and body.

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