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Amazing Bar shampoo that won’t strip your hair of it’s natural oils and sooth scalp.


Introducing our Lavender and Tea Tree Shampoo bar. Our soap smells wonderful and is made with pure Lavender oil. Helps sooth dry, irritated scalp or maintain healthy hair and scalp. Soap is meant to clean hair and care for scalp. Organic oils in bar will help moisturize hair stands and retain moisture. Contains all-natural lather. No detergents, preservatives or parabens. All organic and vegan.

Lavender Shampoo Bar

  •  A shampoo bar is a substantial way to maintain healthy hair and scalp. With other shampoo products the scalp has to overcompensate by producing excess oils if products dry out scalp or create dryness to compensate with an oily product. Products with heavy preservatives, detergents and other chemicals can cause scalp issues. Our product helps protect scalp and maintain a healthy balance.

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