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3. oz


Soap Bar Dimensions- 3.1 inch x 2.1 Inch x 1. Inch


Our Lemon + Anise Body Bar is a refreshing and invigorating addition to your daily skincare routine. Infused with the all-natural fragrance of organic Lemon essential oil, this soap boasts antibacterial properties to help reduce breakouts and cleanse pores. The gentle formula is perfect for delicate skin, making it great for preventing irritation and maintaining a healthy complexion. Made with a soap base consisting of sunflower oil, this bar also helps with premature aging and naturally firms the skin for a more youthful appearance. Elevate your shower experience with our Lemon + Anise Body Bar and enjoy the benefits of its powerful ingredients.

Lemon +Anise Body Bar

  • Benefit of Soap Scrub

    We added a high concentration vitamin E to help nourish skin. Helps skin to stay hydrated longer and improves appearance. Lemon oil is also known to even skin tone.

    None abrasive, great for legs, feet, arms and back. Helps prevent dry flakey skin.

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