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3 oz Bar


No more breakage or thirsty beards!!


Our Basil + Lemongrass scent is refined w/ fresh natural wood scent.

We exclusively created a blend of essential oils to help manqage dry, stiff or dull facial hair.

Our soap may also help strengthen facial hair to prevent breakage and hair fall out. We also provided essential oils that will help manage, skin irritation, itchiness or sensitive skin under facial hair. Our soap can be used daily for continual selfcare.  


All organic and vegan, no detergents, preservatives or artificial or colors.


Please read application section, to get the most out of your product.

Patchouli +Pine Beard Soap

  • Moisten beard with warm water in shower/sink/bath. Apply onto moist hair in circular motions to lather and remove, product build up, oils, dirt and sweat. Rinse with cold water. Repeat if desired.

    Pat dry and style as usual. 

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