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3. oz

Soap Bar Dimensions- 3.1 inch x 2.1 Inch x 1. Inch


Our Peppermint + Coal Soap Bar is extra moisturizing and helps cleanse pores!!


Enjoy the energizing cooling scent of Peppermint Essential Oil. Great for daily use on face and body. Excellent for dry skin.

Peppermint oil is known to help with inflammation of the skin, sooths, and is a natural antiseptic + antibacterial. Great for all skin types.


The light charcoal within soap works as an exfoliator to help remove excess oil, dirt and product build up on skin. Soap contains great lather. No detergents, preservatives, parabens, artificial colors or scents.

Mint + Coal Face & Body Bar

  • Our soap base is made with ginger and clove infused coconut oil to help boost the skin. Shea Soap Base is very moisturizing and nourishing. Shea butter has many great benefits like, lighting skin marks, a natural antibacterial, evens skin tone and fades scars.

    Coal in soap helps lift impurities and cleanses deep in pores. May help prevent body break outs, reduce body acne and improve overall skin complexion.

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