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Soap Dementions- 3.” X 2.”x 1 1”


Introducing our Rose + Tea Tree Shampoo Bar. Our soap smells wonderful and is made with pure Organic Rose Essential. Rose oil will help sooth irritated scalp and balanced moisture. Tea Tree Oil has natural antifungal and anti-bacterial properties. Our Castor Oil soap base will grow strong healthy shiny hair. Our shampoo contains great lather to remove any build up or excess oils in hair.


Always organic and vegan. No detergents, preservatives, parabens or artificial colors.

Rose Shampoo Bar

  • A bar shampoo is a great substantial way to maintain healthy hair & scalp. Most store brought products are made with heavy preservatives, detergents and other chemicals can cause scalp problems or sebum imbalance, which can leads to issues like dandruff or itchy scalp. Our shampoo helps protect the scalp and maintain a healthy PH balance.

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