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Enjoy this moisturizing and rich turmeric soap. This soap has a deep earthy vanilla scent with a high concentration of turmeric, compared to our other soaps in our collection. The top layer of soap is dusted with charcoal for a light exfoliation. Soap contains a great lather and has great benefits for your skin.


Clear base is made with glycerin which is used in many cosmetics to keep skin moisturized. Glycerin attracts moisture to skin. Cream base is made with coconut soap base for added moisture and soften skin. ( no coconut scent)


This soap is not meant to treat or cure any disease or medical diagnosis.

Turmeric + Charcoal Face & Body Bar

  • Turmeric is used to manage acne because of its antiseptic and antibacterial properties that fight pimples and breakouts. Soap may help to remove redness from acne and other types of scarring. May reduces inflammation and even out skin discolorations.

    Activated charcoal can cleanse the pores of the skin and clear bacteria, dirt and oil clogging them. Activated charcoal is known to be excellent for clearing acne and blackheads, lightening blemishes, reducing oiliness. ( results may vary)

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